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10 Incredible Horse-Themed Cakes For Real Horse Addicts

There probably isn’t a horse lover that would not agree that the following 10 incredible cakes can be suitable for every occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a wedding, an engagement, or any other type of event, you have to consider some of the following breathtaking cakes!

No party is ever complete without a cake and these horse cakes are what you need in order to have the best party ever! As you can see, these cakes come in all sizes and shapes. And the best part for all animal and horse lovers is that they were all inspired by horses.

If you are a true horse lover, we are sure that you will find your perfect birthday cake or wedding cake in this gallery. They are all stunning and an amazing result of hours of preparing by talented bakers.

So, if you need inspiration for a cake for every occasion, be sure to look at these cakes. The sad part is that they are all so perfect and beautiful that you won’t want to eat them!

1. The Beautiful Silhouettes Cake

Credit: cakesdecor.com

2. The Pretty in Pink Cake

Credit: Pinterest 

3. The Beautiful Pinto Cake

Credit: Pegasebuzz

4. The Western Theme Cake

Credit: Torty od Lorny/Facebook

5. The Realistic Cake

Credit: horsenation.com

Aren’t you in love with these cakes? Because they are pretty amazing! So, if you have some important event coming soon, then you should consider getting or making a horse cake.

Need more inspiration? The following 5 and probably one of the best 3D cakes are on the next page.




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