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10 Common Things Cat Owners Do Which Can Literally Break A Cat’s Spirit

The following list shows the 10 common things that most cat owners do which can actually hurt a cat’s feelings, break its spirit and even break its heart. If you do not want your furry loved baby to suffer and experience pain, or even hate you and fear from you, then you should read the following list and improve your behavior.

1. Shouting

You may not have realized this, but raised voices can actually terrify your cat more than you think it would. Their ears are extra sensitive to loud noises. So, this means that your yelling will be extremely loud for them.

2. Ignoring Pain

If you ignore the fact and the acts of help that your cat is trying to show you, the situation can only get worse in time. You need to start noticing when your kitty repeatedly chews at a sore spot on her belly or maybe furiously scratches at her ears. It’s a fact that cats are masters when it comes to hiding their discomfort. This is why you need to monitor your cat’s behavior all the time so you will be the first one to notice it a medical help is needed.

3. Leaving the Lights Off

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You should never turn the lights off when you are leaving your cat alone. A silent and dark home will make your cat feel as if you have abandoned her.

4. Not Cleaning the Litter Box

Would you feel nice if the people you live with never flush the toilet after going to the bathroom? The answer is most definitely no.

5. Teasing

This includes pulling on your cat’s tail, or letting your kids do so, also blowing in her face, picking her up if she does not want to be handled, also ruffling her fur while she’s is trying to sleep, and similar things. This might make your cat feel depressed, but all she wants to do is to love you. Also teasing your fur-baby with food, it is not a cool thing to do!

6. Skipping the Small Stuff

If you poorly groom your cat, you are only allowing her to experience the discomfort of hairballs. Also, not trimming her claws, will only make her snagging them on every rug and carpet. Another thing you need to do is to always check her ears for mites, even when she may be constantly scratching them or shaking her head repeatedly.

7. Punishing

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Yelling “bad cat,” or even something worse to your cat, maybe even throwing things at her when she misses the litter box or claws at your sofa, can only hurt your cat’s feelings and show her that you are unhappy with her.

8. Neglecting Your Cat

If you are not offering your cat any attention, affection or if you do not interact with her, it will only leave your cat very confused. Cats need even the smallest gesture or word of kindness in exchange for their pure devotion to you.

9. Not Filling or Cleaning the Water Dish

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Filling your cat a small bowl of water and letting her drink from it no matter how long it sits, is probably the worst thing you can do to your cat. Many owners are unaware of how much dust accumulates in the water. Do you enjoy drinking water filled with dust?

10. Hurting

Hitting, kicking, even physically harming a cat in any way is something that all cat owners should not even think of doing!  That is inhumane, evil, morally wrong and guaranteed to instill fear in any cat. These actions will most definitely break your cat’s heart or even hurt her physically. If you have ever thought of doing some of these things to a cat, then you should never ever own one!

Via: happycatsonline.com

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