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10 Ways How Cats Show Affection

Cats are irresistibly sweet creatures with an amazing behavior which can sometimes be extremely irritating. But what you need to know about their sometimes annoying behavior is that it is one of the ways that cats use to show us just how much they love us. They have some strange ways of showing us their genuine affection.

Here are the 10 ways which our cats use to say: “I love you!

1. Biting

This is probably the most common things that cats love to do when they are showing us their genuine affection. So, if your cat suddenly attacks your hand every time you’re trying to pet it, then it is a strong sign that your cat is just showing you affection. Your cat is simply biting you out of love.

2. Licking

This is a very common thing among cats. They just like to lick those cats they adore. And by licking you, your cat is just telling you that you are his favorite human being. Your cat is just leaving you a scent and marks you as a part of the family.

3. Meowing

Most people usually think that cats communicate with each other by meowing. But the real reason why cats meow is that they are trying to communicate with people.

4. Paw Massage

This thing is something that baby kittens do in order to stimulate the secretion of milk of their mother. And adult cats can also continue with such behavior when they feel most relaxed, happy and loved. So, if your cat is stomping certain parts of your body as if it “kneads”, then you need to know that it expresses its deepest sympathy and love.

5. Staring at you

If you have noticed your cat staring at you multiple times, then know that you have a rare privilege. This is so due to the fact, that cats make eye contact only with people they trust. And if your cat blinks while staring at you, it is actually sending you a kiss. Blink her back in return!


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