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15 Facts About Animals You Surely Did Not Know

The following facts might surprise you, but most importantly, they will put a smile on your face! If you own a pet, it means that you probably know a lot about them, their characteristics and also their needs. Most of you who, for example, have a dog probably already know everything there is about its breed. However, those who love all animals, not just their pet, need to have a higher knowledge. Therefore, we have prepared some interesting information that will make you laugh. You will certainly have a good time, and along the way you’ll learn something new about animals. This article consists 15 interesting facts about animals you need to know!

1.Cows have best friends, and when they are separated longer, they suffer.

2.Pandas don’t have a special place for sleeping. They can simply fall asleep everywhere.

3. Dogs wag their tails to the right when they are happy, and to the left when they’re sad.

4. Male penguins offer a stone to female penguins. And if they accept it, they become partners!

5. Domestic cat is faster than Usain Bolt.

6. Tiger’s legs are so strong that he can stand even if he dies.

7. A pig’s heart is used in heart transplants in humans.

8. Sheep believe in alternative medicine. When they do not feel good, they eat specific plants which they believe will be helpful.

9. When a fox cub is born, it weights just 100 grams, it’s blind and deaf. The mother fox remains to look after it, while the male fox is going after food.

10. When Dalmatians are born, they’re white.

11. More people die from bees bites, than from a snake bite.

12. Pigeon’s bones are lighter than its feathers.

13. Female koalas have two reproductive organs.

14. A flea can jump 350 times the length of the length of its body.

15. People and snails have 70% of the same DNA.

Are you surprised about these facts? Because we certainly are!

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