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7 Easy Ways To Keep Your Indoor Kitty Happy

Cats are animals that appreciate their freedom and privacy more than anything. And if you are able to provide that to your indoor kitty, then you’ll most definitely have a happy indoor kitten! Making your indoor kitty happy and well entertained does not always have to be a hard or a very complicated thing to do. There are a lot of simple and easy ways you can accomplish that. For example, providing them extra space, a room with a view, or spending more time with them. It’s that simple! And the following list shows the 7 simple and easy ways to make your indoor kitty the happiest!

1. Vertical Space

Cats are extremely territorial and demanding, so adding some vertical space can actually increase their domain. You can do it by adding cat trees, shelves, or you can simply make some space for your cat on top of all your tall furniture. If your cat can climb on them, then they’re perfect!

This will not only make your cat feel happy, but it will also make your cat feel safe and secure. It is important to provide your cat with this vertical space especially if there are children or other animals in the house.

2. A Nice Room With A View

Every cat needs a window she can spy birds and other animals from. A window is basically a cat’s TV.

You can also put something comfy for your cat to lay on. Your cat will absolutely love it!

3. Play Time

A lot of people seem to think that play time is only for dogs, but cats love to play just as much! Throughout the play time, they are able to engage their primal instincts, let out their frustrations, and get exercise.

4. Keep It Very Clean

No one likes a messy place, especially a messy stinky bathroom. And when it comes to cats, they hate everything that contains the word ‘messy’ in it. This is why you need to keep their litter box clean every day. Otherwise, there will be “accidents” around the home.

Also, if you keep more than one cat in your home, you need to have at least one litter box for each cat plus one extra.

5. Let Your Cat To Explore The Outside World 

In order to keep your cat safe, it’s always best to keep it inside. But if you can actually be able to provide a chance for your kitty to explore the outside world, you should always go for it!

6. Play Games!

Cats are naturally very curious creatures and love to play all sorts of games. Try to get your cat something that is called a food puzzle. Studies have actually shown that cats are much happier when they work for their food.

7. Show Them Unconditional Love

Last but not least, in order to keep your kitty happy, you should always show your unconditional love. Having a cat around makes each day different and special. They have tons of strange and unique ways to show their love, which is why you should also try your best to show them yours!

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