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Animal Cruelty Caught On Camera – A Man Is Charged After This Video Goes Viral

This video shows probably one of the most vicious attack on animal. It’s inhuman and hard to watch. It shows a man dragging a dog behind a motorized scooter. It’s a true act of cruelty! Once this video was posted on social media, it went viral!

The woman that recorded and posted this video on Facebook is Melissa Torres. More than 100.000 people have seen it and more than 3.000 have shared it. Which is quite understandable, because after watching it, you also won’t remain indifferent.

The incident happens in Mission, Texas, where a man drags his dog while he’s driving a motorized scooter. His dog is tied on the neck and is desperately trying to breathe. The poor animal is struggling for one breath… In the video, the man, identified as Mario Cardona, a 59-year-old, says the woman that it’s his dog and “not to worry.”

“When I was leaving my driveway, my son pointed out and said, ‘Hey, that guy is dragging his dog,’ so I turned around and I literally parked my car in the middle of the street. And I got off my car, and I was yelling at him, asking him what his problem was, why he was doing that. And he was telling that it was not my business. Mind my own business,” said Melissa Torres, the woman who recorded the video. Then she grabbed her phone and filmed the whole incident.

How did the police responded? 

Once the video went viral, the Mission police responded immediately. They arrested the man and charged him with animal cruelty. Cardona is familiar to the police due to his criminal history that includes charges of assault, driving while intoxicated, criminal mischief and possession of cocaine.

The dog, a German Shepard is no longer with Cardona. It was cleared by Mission Animal Control and is said to be in good health. Also, he remains in their custody.


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  5. Why do we as a world accept this? It’s just disgusting! It’s wrong!! Punishment fits this crime! It’s wrong period. A real sick mind!

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