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How Arena Surfaces Affect Horse Biomechanics

It’s a fact that most people do not understand footing. And according to Heidi Zorn, the president of global footing expert Premier Equestrian, they should start learning about the importance of it. Due to poor arena footing muscles, soft tissue, the respiratory and vascular system, joints, and also hooves can damage badly.

A proper riding surface is extremely important for the horse’s safety, performance and also longevity. Every equestrian must have a working knowledge of the many surfaces and types of footing for a top quality horsemanship.

The reason why Premier Equestrian produced this educational video is to prove how important is the arena footing for the biomechanics of the horses’ stride. According to Zorn, many professional equestrians can’t recognize the arena surface. They are not able to recognize what’s going on with their arena surface. Or don’t know how to explain it and give the specifics.

So in order to connect knowledge with scientific evidence and to learn about what was happening to horses on different footing surfaces, Zorn spent the las 15 years modifying her own arena surface and arenas she rides on.

The following video is a work of farriers, veterinarians, and also engineers. Even biomechanics farrier Jim Crew consulted the team on many topics. One of the topics he consulted on was how poor biomechanics contributes to poor horse health overall.

The video lasts only eight minutes but it is highly recommendable to watch it. It will help you learn about biomechanics and footing. It is quite easy to understand and the fact that includes great illustrations and animations make it very interesting. The horse community also expressed its gratitude to Heidi Zorn for the incredible job she did.

We hope that you will like the video. And that it will also help you to learn everything you need to know about biomechanics and footing.

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