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While Extinguishing A Backyard Fire, Neighbors Suddenly Hear Heartbreaking Cries For Help

One tiny six weeks old kitten named Phoenix was found nearly dead after a fire scorched off her eyelashes, fur and paw pads. This kitten was trapped in the rubble underneath a garden shed which caught fire when flames spread from woodland. Her mother and her siblings managed to escape the fire, but Phoenix couldn’t get away. Luckily, she was found just in time.

The owner of the shed heard a kitten crying for help from the rubble and noticed Phoenix’s paw sticking out between two pieces of wood. She immediately called the RSPCA and they helped her to dig Phoenix out. Miraculously, Phoenix survived the blaze.

Phoenix has risen from the ashes after being burned under a shed (Picture: SWNS)

They took Phoenix to Cestria vets in Chester Le Street, County Durham, for an emergency treatment.

What happened to Phoenix next?

Phoenix’s fur and the paws of her feet had been singed from the thermal heat and her eyelashes and eyelashes had been burnt off. Later, her skin died and fell off in big patches as a result of heat damage.

She was very seriously injured and had to wear mittens while her paw pads grew back (Picture: Ben Lack Photography Ltd)

Because of her condition, Phoenix had to wear mittens on her paws and couldn’t close her eyes properly.

Phoenix spent two nights in the vets and later she was transferred to RSPCA Felledge in Durham for nursing care.

She has been fostered by the center’s reception supervisor Luka Atkinson, 29. He said:

“The skin on all four of her pads was burnt off and the fur on her face, tummy, and legs was singed – she was lucky to be alive. It took a few days to the full extent of her injuries to come out; initially, her fur looked singed and fuzzy but it gradually started to fall out and her skin started to crisp and fall off.”

She has been rehomed and is doing much better (Picture: North News)

What happened next?

After two months of devoted care, the fur on Phoenix’s body and the pads on the bottom of her feet have grown back.

Maggie Eden, a manager at RSPCA Felledge, also said:

“She felt hot for about a week, she was very hot to touch. Her face looked a bit ugly for a while, she looked like a little gargoyle. We had to inject fluids into her to make sure she was hydrated. We also had to dress her feet, bath her and give her painkillers. She was frightened as much as anything by the ordeal. Now she is very pretty again.”

Get well soon Phoenix (Picture: North News)

Unfortunately, Phoenix currently looks a little different from the other cats because the fur on her eyelids has yet to grow back. She receives an eye drops several times a day.

The RSPCA Sunderland branch covered the cost of Phoenix’s vet treatment. Luka Atkinson said:

“She is such a happy little thing and she eats, plays and loves fuss just like any other kitten, and we hope people won’t be scared by her appearance while she heals. She runs riots with the other kittens at our centre so we are just so happy we gave her a chance and saved her life.”

Picture: North News

We honestly hope that people won’t be put off by her strange-looking eyelids. She really is the sweetest kitten despite everything she’s been through.

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