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Breeder Was Going To Throw Out “Defective” Mastiff Puppy Until This Happens

When the dog breeder looked down at Willow, a pup with a birth defect, he could only feel irritation, frustration, and regret. He was only trying to get rid of Willow as fast as he can because she was not going to earn him any money. Poor Willow was born with a birth defect that left her unable to stand, walk, or even fend for her own food.

Even though the breeder was determined to discard the purebred Neapolitan Mastiff, he decided to post about the 4-week-old puppy on social media to see if anyone might want it.

His plan was to earn thousands of dollars per puppy in his brand new litter. And he just wanted Willow gone before she cost him some more money for medical bills.

Luckily, a woman named Jennifer Williams, president of 2nd Chances Rescue, located in Norco, California heard about Willow. She knew that Willow’s time is running out, and came to rescue her before her owner had her euthanized.

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“Willow absolutely could not walk,” Williams recalled upon seeing the floundering pup. “There would have been a food bowl that was there, but she wouldn’t have been able to get over to it because she couldn’t accomplish moving around at all.”

Willow was born with a congenital condition known as swimmer’s syndrome. This means that her chest lay flat on the ground while her limbs were awkwardly sprawled out alongside her body.

Williams heard about a specialized therapist who could help give Willow a second chance to live, Gina Gould. When Gould first saw Willow, she knew that the pup’s condition is really bad… She needed to act fast in order to help her.

Image credit: www.animalsportal.net

She began right away with therapy treatments. Some of them included wrapping Willow’s chest to provide support and prevent it from remaining flat. She even started a therapy to stimulate Willow’s spine, and within just two days, the pup showed miraculous improvement.

What happened to Willow?

Even though no one wanted this pup back then, she slowly transformed into a gorgeous one that everyone wanted. Willow is now an 80-pound, healthy dog, full energy.

“Willow has come so far,” a proud Gould said, admiring the strength and beauty of the then 8-month-old Mastiff. “She’s just amazing. She’s developing and growing just like a normal puppy would at her age.”

“There’s nothing more rewarding than taking a dog that nobody wants and turning them into a dog that everybody wants,” Williams grinned. “That, to us, is the whole meaning of rescue.”

Credit: www.animalsportal.net

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