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Brigit’s Owners Were Shocked When They Discovered Her New Unusual Hobby

Every pet owners know how challenging life can be with a pet. It’s no secret that cats are sneaky animals that want to retaliate and to use their soft fur and cute looks to infiltrate the homes of human beings who do not realize how exploited they are… But I guess that this is why we love them so much?!

The furniture and the human meat can often become victims of the endless changes in the mood that the cats show. But if you’re a kitten seeking for an original way to hamper the life of your owners, all you have to do is to think outside the box in which you adore to sit.

What’s Brigit’s new hobby? 

Once she decided that the termination of the material of the armchairs is no longer interesting, Brigit, a cat from New Zealand, decided to find a new way to satisfy her basic instincts and began searching for her prey in the neighborhood. But Brigit did not start leaving dead mice on the thresholds of the neighbors of her owner, as other cats do. Her purpose? Men’s underwear … And many, many socks.

Brigit’s owner, Sarah Nathan said that her cat returned home with 11 pairs of underwear, 50 pairs of socks within two months. And while she’s not exactly certain of their origin, she has a feeling that all of them belong to one person.

Nathan thinks that she knows how her cat is getting all her stuff. In New Zealand, it’s common for people to dry their clothes on racks outdoors. And since her cat loves to sneak out, she found a hobby for herself.

Hoping to find the man that probably went mad over these two months, by constantly losing his underwear and socks, Sarah published a letter. In her letter, she explained the situation and apologized to those whose things were stolen, saying she can return all of them… She laughed, saying that any victim of her cat will be happy because of the fact that they’re moving.

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