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Cat Found in Backpack Can’t Stop Kissing His Rescuers After They Saved Him from Near Death

This poor little guy was found nearly dead after someone had left him trapped in a backpack. Now, he has a second chance to live, and he is about to make the best out of it!

The adorable baby is named Hiro, and he is the miracle cat! His story starts a year ago when a woman in Alberta, Canada went to throw out the trash. That’s when she spotted a large backpack in the garbage can. She realized that there was something inside which was moving, so she took the backpack out immediately.

When she opened the backpack, she discovered another bag inside. And after she and her partner untied the bag, they saw something extremely disturbing. They found a cat, nearly dead inside.

The woman knew that she needed to do something quick. So she immediately asked for help from Alberta Animal Services. In just a few minutes, they came to pick up the cat and rushed him to emergency care.

Image credit: Alberta Animal Services


Image credit: Alberta Animal Services


Image credit: Alberta Animal Services

Hiro was in extremely bad shape when he was taken to emergency care. He had gone through unthinkable trauma and suffered from injuries and also starvation. Even though they were not sure if the kitty will make it through the night, they refused to just give up on him.

Luckily, he made it through his first night, and even the week. He proved to be a huge fighter, and luckily he was in the right hands.

Image credit: Alberta Animal Services

A week after his rescue, his transformation was amazing. He looked like a different kitty with full strength. It was still hard for him to stand on his own because he had no balance. But still, he was recovering.

The first thing this adorable ginger boy wanted to do is to hug his rescuers and give them tons of kisses.

Image credit: Alberta Animal Services

“He is so affectionate despite all that he has gone through. As soon as he hears or sees the animal nurses he starts purring and demands cuddles,” Alberta Animal Services shares the story with Love Meow.

After his surgery to repair his hips at Dog & Cat Hospital, he quickly bounced back and started running around playing and acting like a kitten at his foster home.

Image credit: Hiro Stanley/Facebook

What happened next?

In just less than two months, he made a full recovery and he even found himself a forever loving home. “After strict screening and home visits we picked an amazing family who will give Hiro the best life filled with love, kindness and future care,” the rescue said.

Image credit: Hiro Stanley/Facebook
Image credit: Hiro Stanley/Facebook

He is now a happy cat. He gets to play as much as he wants, and not to mention he gets all the attention and love he deserves! Even though he’s been through a lot to get here, he is ready to forget his past and embark on his next chapter in life.

Image credit: Hiro Stanley/Facebook






  1. Esther Garinger

    How could someone do this to an innocent animal who only wants a forever home and to give unconditional love to a human. I think that if every bad thing that is done to animals by someone was done to the idiots that do these things to animals there would be less if not any abuse ever done to animals again.

  2. Poor little one, so glad he was rescued and has a safe happy home.

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