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Cat Who Lost Her Face In A Car Accident Has A Family Who Loves Her Just The Way She Is

When this adorable furry baby, named Chase, was only 4 weeks old back in 2005, had a car accident. She was hit by a car. Her condition was terrible, the vets thought that she won’t make it. Luckily, she survived to become a full-grown cat! And she is as adorable as any other cat!

Chase has a furry will to survive and despite her appearance, she is completely healed. She survived a terrible car accident which resulted in losing her precious little face… Even though she requires some medication during the day to keep her eyes moist, she is perfectly healthy. She is one happy cat with no pain.

Image credit: Facebook.com/ChaseNoFace

Where is Chase now? 

Right now, she lives a wonderful life as a house kitty with a family who adores her. She sure is one adorable and extremely active kitty. And there is nothing that makes her different from all the other cats. Her favorite activities include sleeping, eating, fast gallops down the hallway at 2 am. Another thing she enjoys is sticking her face in any round object like a duck tape roll, bowls, pots, pans, salsa jars.

Chase is a kitty that also loves belly rubs and sunbathing. Her life is filled with joy! She also has two tiny humans as best friends and the three of them enjoy watching kitty T.V. together.

Image credit: Facebook.com/ChaseNoFace

And most importantly, of course, she loves getting and giving kisses. She loves her humans too much and she doesn’t miss a day without showing them all her love.

I’m a happy kitty and hope to help other humans feel just as great about themselves and realize that not everyone looks perfect and that is ok.”

Image credit: Facebook.com/ChaseNoFace

Chase is a reminder to us all that beauty is what we have on the inside. It doesn’t matter how you look, but it does matter how you feel on the inside!

Be sure to follow Chase on Facebook! She will make your everyday special.

Image credit: Facebook.com/ChaseNoFace
Image credit: Facebook.com/ChaseNoFace

Via iizcat.com

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  1. So glad she has a happy home and is loved. She is adorable just they way she is.

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