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Cat Is Rescued From Abuse, Then Vet Discovers She’s Been Living With A Dart In Her Brain

This adorable 6-month-old tabby kitten named Miss Kiss was abandoned by her previous owner and left to die. Luckily, another family found Miss Kiss but they were very upset with what they saw.

Miss Kiss was deeply abused by her previous owners and she was in terrible condition when she arrived at Utah Valley Animal Rescue. She had a four-inch steel dart lodged in her brain and another smaller dart stuck in her shoulder.

When she arrived at the center, the veterinarian, Dr. Isaac Bott was dumbfounded by Miss Kiss’ plight. He did not know how long she had the dart in her brain, so he ordered an X-ray for her.

As you can see from the video below, Miss Kiss has been living with a four-inch steel dart in her brain. And for who knows how long.

Video Screenshot/Caters Clips

But how was Miss Kiss still alive?

Miss Kiss was one very lucky kitten. According to the veterinarians at the clinic, the dart had just missed essential arteries and brain segments. A surgery was essential in order Miss Kiss to survive.

Fortunately, this brave 6-month-old kitten survived the surgery and both darts were successfully removed from her body. But, Miss Kiss experienced damage to her optic nerve, diminishing her eyesight.

What happened with Miss Kiss next?

Miss Kiss was adopted by her new owner, Kevin, who is blind in one eye. Just to support her rehabilitation, Kevin sleeps on the same floor with Miss Kiss. He even tosses ping-pong balls around the house to help with her hand-eye coordination.

Take a look at this video

Miss Kiss’ situation might have been every vet’s worst nightmare. She has gone through a lot in her short life – but in the end, she found the love she deserves!

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  1. Poor little Tabby so glad she found someone who loves and cares for her.

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