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Cat’s Best Friend Dies From Cancer – And Her Owners Let Him Say ‘Goodbye’

Losing a friend is a difficult thing to go through, and that most definitely includes animals as well. When this cat lost his best friend as a result of cancer, he did the most heartbreaking thing ever! His reaction will leave you in tears. The way he says goodbye to his bestie is something that words cannot explain…

What most people don’t know is that animals are actually just as touched by the loss of their families as humans. And they often grieve for them, as well.

Chuey and Big Boy were best friends their entire life. But sadly, Chuey was diagnosed with jaw cancer, and a while later, she passed away. Due to the fact that the two of them were constantly together, Chuey’s humans decided to show Big Boy her lifeless body right after her death. They made this decision to ensure that Big Boy wouldn’t go out to search for his friend. His humans were scared that he may run off too far.

They weren’t expecting much from the whole situation, but soon, they were brought to tears… 

When Big Boy first saw the lifeless body of his friend, he was shocked. He was saddened by the sight of Chuey. At first, he started sniffing her and he even poked her a few times gently… But when she didn’t wake up, he flew into a panicked frenzy and did everything he possibly could to get a response out of her.

When he realized the sad truth, he panicked even more… He kept on trying to revive his dead friend, but there was no success since Chuey was long gone…

At the end, when Chuey was taken away, Big Boy just lay near the spot he had last seen her and just stayed quiet. He was mourning the loss of his best friend.

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  1. Poor little one, this is so sad.

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