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Copyright Policy

All the videos, images, or graphics shown on justfamilypets.com are the property of their respective owners. We don’t hold any copyright about mentioned content.

The videos, images, or graphics contained on justfamilypets.com may have been collected from different public sources, including different websites, considered to be in public domain.

justfamilypets.com makes the best effort to source the artist or picture taker, however, once in a while we can’t find accurate data. We regard the work of others, that is the reason why we generally attempt to link to the source where pictures were found. The links to the websites that claim creator’s rights and/or public domains where the content was gathered are indicated below each image or video.

In case you have perceived one of your photographs, videos, or graphics from any page on justfamilypets.com that is disregarding copyright law, please contact us using this link. As indicated by your appeal, we will link to your portfolio/site (in case you’re the creator), else we would promptly delete this material from our site upon legitimate verification and identification.

We likewise encourage you to contact us with data about authentic sources, in the event that it’s not specified on the site.

We use pictures from the Web that are covered under Fair Use and believed to belong to the public domain.

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