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Dying Dog Covered In Thousands Ticks Met Her Rescue Angel And The Result Is Remarkable

There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing helpless animals suffer covered in everything because no one hadn’t decided to help them! Each day we hear thousands of stories about dogs abandoned and abused. Dogs left all alone and thrown on the streets like a piece of garbage. They are all faced with death unless someone decides to help them and give them a second chance to live!

Today’s rescue story it is quite a unique one. Luckily, the almost dead dog who rescued just in time. Her tail was already dead from embedded wire tied to it since she was a lot younger.

Blossom, the dog, was found in an urban area by one of the volunteers from Orphan Pet Greece. It appeared that she had been wandering the streets for a few weeks. No one of the many people that noticed her were not interested in helping her. Even though she was in terrible condition, no one seemed to care.

Everyone was neglecting her and ignoring her despite her condition, until some kind-hearted angles, volunteers from Orphan Pet Greece heard about her story. They didn’t think twice about taking her in. They saved her from the streets and did their best to help her get better.

What happened next?

But her condition was terrible. She was covered with thousands of ticks all over her body. The ticks appeared to suck all the energy out of her which also made her blood extremely thin. Her blood was so thin that if the volunteers hadn’t rescued her, she wouldn’t have lived more than a few more days. Also, the vets needed to remove her tail completely due to the fact that she had wire embedded in her tail.

In order to remove all the ticks from her body, the staff needed a whole week. She was also given a blood transfusion. And her condition was slowly improving.

The first night she spent at the vet clinic was extremely scary. The doctors were not sure if she can make it through. That is when they named her Blossom and also promised her that she will no longer have to suffer ever again.

And they kept their promise! After her miraculous recovery and transformation, Blossom is now one happy dog. She is enjoying life without pain. She has a forever loving family where she receives all the love and affection she needs.

The following video shows the amazing transformation of Blossom. It can be heartbreaking to watch due to the fact that it contains some graphic content.

Credit: http://dogsarea.net/dying-dog-covered-thousands-ticks-met-rescue-angel-result-remarkable/2/

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  1. I look at these heartbreaking videos , and these poor innocen precious fur babies , then I look at my little fur baby , and think of the ones I lost way to soon , and it breaks my heart …how could anyone do such a thing to them …it’s horrible to think about …uncaring , cold hearted , and I wouldn’t even say people or humans that do this , they are the animals !! ..they don’t deserve the love and loyalty and companionship that these wonderful precious loving fur babies were giving them , only to be tossed away like common trash …karma , find them , and it will ..anyone that does this to a poor defenless loving pet , deserves a good punishment to fit this horrendous crime …

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