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Family Found Kitten Hanging Onto Oysters In Desperate Need Of Help

When one family went out boating in Beaufort County, South Carolina, they experienced the strangest thing, they found something hanging onto oysters. Once they started approaching the McTeer Bridge, they saw something that at first appeared to be an octopus at the bottom of the bridge.

But there seemed to be something strange about that ‘octopus’, so they got closer. And once they did get closer, they were in shock. There was a tiny furry animal clinging to the oysters for dear life.

They kept on getting closer and saw a tiny ginger kitten desperately holding on to the oyster pilings. The little one was hanging tight with his claws as the tide pushed up against him. He was obviously in desperate need of help.

He was clinging to the oysters and I actually thought it was an octopus or bug crab from a distance. I told my son to go see and as we got closer, we saw it was a tiny kitten,” Robert told Love Meow.

Image credit: Robert Gecy

The little ginger kitten was so scared and he could not stop shaking. And once he saw the family coming toward him, he meowing and crying for help, as loud as he could.

We think someone dropped off a littler on the bridge and he fell through one of the storm drains. There was another kitten found on the bridge the same morning.”

Image credit: Robert Gecy

Luckily, they managed to get the kitten to safety and rushed back to shore.

They immediately took the 6-week-old kitten Port Royal Veterinary Hospital. There, he was given blood work and chest X-rays for saline ingestion. Besides having a few minor scrapes, the little one was in good health condition.

We do not know how the tyke got into this predicament on a pylon of the McTeer Bridge but what we do know now is that he’s safe,” the hospital said.

Image credit: Port Royal Veterinary Hospital

Later, Robert and his family happily adopted the little kitten. They named the little one McTeer. “Beaufort County is fantastic. They paid for all his vet bills and even have a $10 spay and neuter program.”

Once they got McTeer home, and after a much-needed bath, plenty of food and water, the kitten snuggled up to his humans for some cuddles.

He keeps on showing his humans just how much thankful and happy he is to be there with them. “He is pure love! So cute and full of energy.”

Image credit: Robert Gecy

Now, McTeer even has his favorite place to nap. “He looked up at my son who was sitting cross-legged on the floor next to him, and crawled up in his lap,” Robert told Love Meow.

The family has another cat, named Toby, they adopted a while before. And the two of them seem to be getting along. “Toby has been so good with him. He is 11 years old and acts like an old man,” Robert told Love Meow.

Image credit: Robert Gecy

McTeer sure is one happy kitty now. “He meows all the time! Purrs when you pick him up and cuddle and he likes to sit on your chest up by your face. He is sociable and doesn’t hide when new people come over. He loves people!”

Luckily, after the horrible thing he’s been through, now he is happy, he is loved, and most importantly, he is safe!

Image credit: Robert Gecy

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  1. What a wonderful story, such an adorable little one!!

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