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Horse Owner Dragged His Mare Tied At The Back Of His Truck By Accident !

One event that happened a while ago, went viral all over social media and for all the right reasons! An 86-year-old horse owner from Stafford Springs, CT, named Culver Modisette, was seen doing something terrible that shocked his neighbors. This horse owner was dragging his horse who was tied up to the back of this pickup truck, in front of everyone! Can you actually believe that??

When his neighbor, Helen Kelley, first saw him, she didn’t know how to react. Luckily, she remembered to take some pictures of the cruel event that was happening right in front of her eyes. The pictures were the strongest evidence for the authorities. They are devastating and hard to watch. The pictures show the poor horse falling on the ground, desperately trying t get up on her feet once again…

What happened next?

Helen tried to help the poor animal by screaming at Modisette to stop the truck because it this continued, he was going to injure or worse kill the animal!

Later, he shared that he found his horse at his neighbors after she ran away. He had no idea how to bring her back home, so he says that he was forced to tie her up like that. He was desperate and had no idea how to solve this problem in any other way. Modisette claimed that he was never intending to hurt the animal, he just wanted to bring her home and feed her. He claims that he just wanted to take her to her stable because it has been breakfast time!


Image credit: horse-dimension.com


Luckily, when the incident occurred, he heard Helen who was yelling at him. He stopped the car immediately, and that’s when he noticed his horse falling on the ground. They’ve cut the rope and he took care of the mare, by leading her to her stable.

The Stafford Springs Animal Control and Connecticut State Police Department even lead an investigation. But due to the fact that the horse was not injured and he didn’t have cruel intentions to harm her, there were no charges against Modisette.

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