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The Horrible Secret Of Horse Racing – Undercover Investigation

The video that was published from a PETA undercover investigation shows the horrible secret of Horse Riding. The PETA investigation of leading thoroughbred trainer Steve Asmussen reveals chronic misuse of drugs. In order to enhance horses’ performance and mask their injuries, the famous trainer uses all sorts of drugs…

Steve Asmussen is one of the most successful thoroughbred trainers of all time. And it seems that he has a huge secret that hides behind his success. Due to the fact that he also has a world record of drug violation of all major trainers of US Horse Racing, the organization PETA has conducted an undercover investigation of his success.

While working for Asmussen and also with his assistant trainer Scott Blasi in the spring and summer of 2013, the unidentified woman documented over-medication and persistent abuse of thoroughbred racehorses, undocumented workers and video sound bites suggesting jockeys used electric shocking devices.

The goal of PETA’s investigation was to see what it takes to get to the top of horse racing. And also what price do the horses pay for this. On average 24 horses per week die on the racetracks in the US.

Horses are subjected to an endless cycle of performance enhancing medications, and also pain-masking drugs. This is so that they will train and race through all the injuries, exhaustion, and pain. The horses used for racing were treated like ‘disposable garbage’ from birth to death.

At one point in the video, Blasi says: “You could not believe how many horses they hurt and kill before they ever even get to the racetrack. It’s mind-boggling.”

The horses were constantly using all sorts of medication cocktails. One of Asmussen’s drug of choice was Thyrozine. Every horse in Asmussen’s barn used the drug. It appears that the horses were taking this drug in order to speed their metabolisms, without any therapeutic purpose.

At one point all of Asmussen’s horses were using the drug called Lasix. This drug was banned from horse riding all over Europe. One famous NYC horse veterinarian even said that he gives the drug to the horses only for performance enhancement. And the PETA’s investigator recorded everything.

The investigator also recorded all sorts of painful treatments done on the horses. They were simply preparing the horses for the races.

Trainers will do just about anything to gain an advantage in the races, no matter how deadly it can be on the horses… 

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