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Iron Horseshoes Will Soon Be Obsolete Thanks to This New Invention

It turns out that we’ve been thinking about horse hooves all wrong, and this new invention is about to change everything. The fact is, iron horseshoes exist since well before 1,000 A.D.

Until recently, people thought that it is an effective practice to nail the shoes into the hooves. It was also believed that the hoof was rigid and unable to move vertically when pounding the pavement. But that is not the case. Materials like iron can restrict the natural movement of the horse. According to Megasus, the company who invented the new horseshoes, it is similar to going two months without cutting your toenails

One Austrian company, Megasus invented the new horseshoes. The founder and director of the company’s research and development, Charly Forstner, used to work as an animal welfare inspector. According to Charly’s experience, Most of the horses that needed to be put down in Styria (Austria), were suffering from hoof and leg problems. And statistic shows that this is a huge problem.

Megasus’s invention, the Horserunner is a non-permanent, shock absorbent horseshoe, It allows a greater range of hoof movement. The plastic shoe clips on and off so horses can strengthen their hooves and tendons by walking barefoot occasionally.

In order to help horses, Charly invented products made of plastic: The “Dynamix” and the “Easywalker.”In combination with a lot of research, these products changed the market and also helped lead to today’s barefoot movement.

They are comfortable and allow natural movements. The best part is that they work on any terrain and protect the horse’s hooves.

They ensure hooves are kept it the same natural shape. And this is all possible due to the fact that these horseshoes are not permanent.

Allowing the horse to walk barefoot helps him to strengthen its hooves, tendons and also ligaments.

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