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Found Just In Time – Little Ginger Kitten Dumped In A Trash Bin

The story of this ginger kitten has a rush start. The poor little kitten was thrown in a garbage bin on the side of the road as a piece of garbage. But even though it has a rough start, luckily it has a happy ending.

When this little ginger kitten was just a few days old, it owners decided that they want to get rid of it. And they’ve done it in the most horrible way there it. They throw the little baby in a garbage bin.

Even though the garbage bin was near a business in Iowa, it seemed that no one heard the poor little fella meowing for help. And who would assume that someone has thrown a kitten there?

Luckily, one man did. He heard a little kitten desperately meowing for help, therefore he knew he had to do something about it. He then started looking for the kitten and found it at the end of the garbage bin, all alone and afraid. The man made all the difference in the world for the kitten, who had been dumped there at just a few days old.

Image source: Agape Fosters

The man then called his mom right away and she got in touch with Diann Helmers. Diann Helmers runs a rescue group called Agape Fosters. Helmers, even though was at a movie theater at the time, rushed to pick up the fragile feline.

“When I met her to pick him up, this lady had gotten him started on bottle feeding,” Helmers tells iHeartCats. “She was weeping and blessed me and the kitty and kissed and hugged me.”

Helmers was looking after the kitten for a few days, getting him bottle fed every few hours. In addition, the little ginger kitten even got a name, O’Brian.

Image source: Agape Fosters

“He’s Irish and has red hair, at least I say he is,” Helmers adds.

What happened next to O’Brian, the adorable ginger kitten? 

Even though he is so young to get adopted and he needs to get a lot stronger before he’s ready for his forever home, the little guy found a foster home. A veterinary technician has already offered to foster him.

O’Brian might be young and had a rough start, but he has already put his dark past behind him. Those Irish eyes are finally smiling.

Image source: Agape Fosters
Image source: Agape Fosters
Source: Agape Fosters

Credit: aboutfamilypets.com

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