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Man Reunites With His Stolen Dog Two Days Before He Was Scheduled To Be Euthanized

It is hard to imagine what Barry Gearhart felt a year ago when his pit bull, Titan was stolen from the back seat of his truck. He says that that was the worst day of his life, and he spent nights crying himself to sleep…

Even though he couldn’t find his beloved dog anywhere, he never lost hope that one day he will. He was desperately waiting for the day when he will be reunited with Titan. Even though a whole year has passed, he still had hope.

During that long year, Barry kept on posting photos of Titan of social media, especially Facebook,  where he kept on begging people to contact him if they have any information at all. Luckily, he received a response that lights up his world all over again.

One volunteer at an animal shelter saw the photo and thought that Titan looks just like a pit bull in the shelter, named Hank. The dog at the shelter was also scheduled to be euthanized in just two days after spending weeks at the shelter without being adopted. They tried their best to find him proper owners, but with no luck…

What happened next?

When Barry heard about the pit bull in the shelter, he went there immediately to see him. Luckily, the dog was Titan! Their reunion was so emotional and also caught on camera. They both recognized each other and their joy was something that words can’t explain.

Now, they are both together again. Titan is at home, where he belongs!

Barry Gearhart still remembers the day like it was yesterday when his beloved dog Titan was stolen. He says it was “the worse day” of his life, and anyone who ever lost a pet can relate.

Luckily, they are both together again, they are reunited. Their emotional reunion made a lot of people cry out of joy. In the video below you also have a chance to witness the pure joy and love they have for one another!

Credit: animalplanetlife.com

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