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Have You Noticed Your Dog Doing This? The Reason Will Amaze You

Usually, every dog owner has a special language with its dog, but some things are in common with all of them, you just haven’t noticed yet. But even in these cases, sometimes we cannot understand what they’re trying to tell us. It would be awesome if they can talk to us, or if we can read their minds… But none of these things are possible, even tough we’ve seen some talking dogs all over social media.

This article isn’t about teaching you how to talk to your dog, or how to read its mind, but we can show you what certain behaviors mean. This is so due to the fact that almost every one of their behaviors has a different meaning. Some of them will definitely surprise you!

The list of things you have or have not noticed are:

Staring directly into your eyes!

When a dog looks right into your eyes while you’re playing, it releases one chemical which is called oxytocin. This is also known as the chemical that creates the bond between a mother and her baby. But this does not mean that you should start staring at your dog because it will sense the awkwardness and it won’t like it. So, the next time you’re both playing, act normally!

Likes to cuddle with you after a meal!

If your dog wants to cuddle with you after its meal, this is a good thing! It means true love. Your dog wants to show you that it appreciates the love and the affection you’re giving him.

Bring you its favorite toy!

If a dog brings you their favorite toy, this does not have to mean that it wants to play at the moment. This is also a sign that he considers you as the pack leader. Your dog looks at you as their master, so it is just trying to please you.

Lifting its eyebrows!

Usually, people think that dog’s tail is the biggest indicator of emotions. But that’s not true. The biggest indicators of emotions are their facial expressions. Every time your dog sees you, or someone else he knows, he lifts its left eyebrow. And if he sees a stranger, he lifts its right brow.

Freaking out when you return home!

This is the biggest sign of love and affection you can get from a dog! It shows pure love and trust!

It’s a fact that dogs are our best friends! They are always trying to communicate with us, we just have to learn how to recognize it in their behaviors.

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