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This Is Not A Photoshop – Take A Look At Omo – An Extremely Rare White Giraffe

This remarkable white giraffe is not photo-shopped! Omo is 100% real! It might look as if it was bleached, but it is actually suffering from a condition called leucism. This is a condition that leads to a partial loss of pigmentation.

When most people see the photographs of this giraffe, they are convinced that this is Photoshop, but as we said, the reality is that Omo has a rare skin condition. Omo was discovered by the founder of the Institute for Wildlife in Tanzania, Derek Lee.

He explained that Omo is always spotted with large groups of normally colored giraffes. It seems like the other giraffes don’t mind that Omo is colored differently.

Why is this white giraffe in danger? 

Omo was born back in 2015 and got the name from a local tourist guide. This giraffe is actually named after a popular local brand of detergent. The fact that Omo is still alive is a huge surprise to everyone. This is so due to the fact that most giraffes don’t make it out alive in the first year of their life. The first year of their lives is the most dangerous one, due to the fact that they are so small and lions, leopards, and hyenas are preying on them. And because Omo is lighter that the others giraffes, this makes her a bigger target.

According to Derek Lee, giraffes are understudied due to the fact of their slow movements. This is so because usually when people are looking for African species to study, they tend to choose elephants or lions. And with this project, he hopes that somehow he will fill in the blanks about the movements of a fragmented giraffe.

He also hopes that Omo’s popularity can raise the global awareness of the problems that are facing giraffes. And, we also hope that his effort will not be taken for granted.

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