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Orphaned Kitten Found 20 ft Up Tree – Huddled Up Next To What You Won’t Believe

The story about this tiny adorable orphaned kitten has a sad start, but luckily it ends in the most wonderful way. At the beginning, he was just a terrified kitten who was stranded in a 20 ft tree. And now, he is one happy kitten that is completely safe in his new forever home.

It all happened in Brigg, UK, when one small ginger kitten got stuck among all of the dense foliage of the tree in Bigby High Road, Brigg for over 24 hours. The poor little orphaned kitten was terrified. He could not stop meowing for help.

The RSPCA acted as soon as they’ve heard about the incident. But the only way they could reach the despairing feline was with the help of Humberside Fire and Rescue.

The poor kitten was stuck about 20ft up in the tree and the caller thought he’d been there for over 24 hours,” stated animal collection officer for the charity, whose name is Carol Smith.

Due to his age and the height of the tree, I called in a local fire crew to help get to him. It took more than 90 minutes to get up to the tree and find him among the dense foliage. When they found him he was huddled inside a pigeon nest with some nestlings”.

There was a large, flat area atop the tree and the caller said she often saw an adult ginger cat in the sheep fields behind her garden so wondered if she was feral and had given birth to the kitten up in the tree for safety.”

What happened to the kitten next?

After the rescue, they took the little one for a check-up.

Unfortunately we couldn’t find the mother so we decided to take the kitten into one of our branches for a check-up and the care he needed.”

One of the heroic crew members who helped the little one was Duane Lidgett, who is 37, from Brigg. He immediately got attached to the little one. And after the approval of his wife, Emma, he decided to adopt the kitten. He made this orphaned kitten a part of the family.

We lost our 16-year-old cat in February and had said we wouldn’t get another one,” stated Mr. Lidgett. “But when I saw this little one how could we resist?”

The whole rescue mission was hard due to the fact that the tree was so big and overgrown with ivy.

People could hear the meowing but we couldn’t see him. Once up the ladder, we could see a pigeon nest with two young birds in it and then, all of a sudden, Buddy’s little head popped up.”

The couple named the kitten Buddy, and they are more than happy to spend their lives together. “I have ended up with a new friend!” concluded Mr. Lidgett.

Picture and text credit thebestcatpage.com

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  1. So glad the little one was recued, I am sure he appreciated all the help.

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