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Paralyzed Kitty Gets First Acupuncture Treatment And The Results…

This adorable rescue kitten has rear leg paralysis, and the sad part is that it is believed that the little one has been abused. Luckily, she managed to find herself in the right hands, and now she received her very first acupuncture treatment! The results turned out to be absolutely incredible!

“Tonight we rescued a kitten with rear leg paralysis from suspected abuse. She is so sweet and so vulnerable; we absolutely could not say no to her,” Kitten X Lady shared on Instagram. “We had actually visited the shelter to pick up a 2-week old orphan, but we ended up taking not just the 2 weeks old…but also this 6 weeks old who cannot use her back legs at all. Tomorrow we will go to the vet for diagnostics and begin her road to recovery. I don’t yet know what will happen, but I do know this: now that she’s here, no one will ever lay a cruel hand on her again. She will be loved, she will be fluffy and clean, and she will be given the best chance I can give her at regaining mobility.”

“Things she likes: toys, soft sweet talking, gentle chin scratches, having her backside held up for her so she can walk around and explore using her front legs.”

The reason that left the kitten paralyzed is the fact that someone had stepped on her. This resulted in her broken back. After the detail checks up, the vets even said that her condition is so bad. They even said that she might not live to be a full grown cat.

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Her health concerns are many. The main concern is probably the bladder. Her bladder needs to be expressed manually which is exceedingly difficult. She will also need a muscle relaxer and not to mention a lot of gentle, frequent care.

Luckily, her human parents were not willing to just give up on Chloe, which is how they named her. They fell in love with her. And they were planning to do whatever it takes in order for their furry baby to get better. They wanted to give Chloe a chance to live and love.

Image credit: kittenxlady

So, in order to help her get better, her parents decided to look into some alternative treatments. They were trying to find a cure for Chloe’s neurological damage. That’s when they decided to take Chloe to get some acupuncture treatment at City Paws Animal Hospital

“You guys. Chloe’s first acupuncture experience exceeded our wildest expectations. In this video, you can see how relaxed she is during acupuncture and electroacupuncture. She literally fell asleep on her alpaca while listening to calming music. And you can also see that she began to kick her legs, move her tail, and even STAND UP. This is incredible. Bear in mind that this is just a very small victory on a long road, but we now are looking ahead with more optimism than ever. Thank you to everyone who has donated so she can receive this care. We love you so much. Thank you for believing in Chloe. And thank you @citypaws14th for giving Chloe a chance!”

Image credit: kittenxlady

Chloe proved to be such a strong little fighter! 

“I want to thank @iamlilbub for referring Chloe to the Assisi Loop (pictured above), a medical device that has been instrumental in Lil Bub regaining her mobility. It’s a device that uses pulsed electromagnetic field technology to promote healing in animals. The science behind it is complex and fascinating. The electromagnetic field triggers the production of nitric oxide in the body, a molecule that reduces pain and inflammation, improves blood flow, reduces edema, and supports tissue regeneration. This device is suggested for inflammatory conditions, such as an injury to the spine like Chloe’s.”

Image credit: kittenxlady

“This is just one of the many, many things I am doing with Chloe, and so far I am astonished to say that right after her first session on the Loop, she actually began to regain partial use of her bladder(!)…which doctors told me would likely never happen for her entire life. She is now peeing when stimulated (as opposed to having to have her bladder expressed), which is honestly so shocking and exciting I can’t believe it. We can’t know for sure what any of this says about her prognosis, but what I do know is that this progress has been unbelievably touching to witness. I deeply appreciate everyone’s well wishes, and am very thankful for @iamlilbub.”

Thanks to her human parents and how strongly they believed in her, Chloe can now have a chance for a better life. A life filled with love instead of abuse! We are so happy she’s doing better because she deserves it!

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  1. Martha Stinson

    Please look up the kitten “Cassidy” rescued by Tiny Kittens in the United States. His back paws had been chewed off. He has had a device that enables him to get around.
    Bless you for loving the little Chloe!

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