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Is Your Pet Right or Left Pawed?

So far we’ve known that humans have a dominant hand. We’re either righties or lefties. But, believe it or not, the same goes for our furry pets. Now, you’re probably asking yourself ‘How is this even possible?’, but apparently, it is! Evidence suggests that cats and dogs do favor a certain side more than the other.

In two studies conducted in 1991 and 2006, it was determined that cats and dogs definitely have a dominant side. But in their case, instead of right- or left-handed, they are obviously, right- or left-pawed.

The first study was conducted in Turkey, and cats had the main part. The study actually revealed that a majority of cats, 50 percent of them, tend to favor their right paws. Also, 10 percent of them showed no favoritism, and the rest 40 percent of them were left-pawed.

In 2006, dogs got to be a part of a study conducted at the University of Manchester. That study showed that when it comes to dog and their paw preference, they are pretty much down the middle. Meaning that 50 percent favor the left and the other 50 percent favor the right paw.

How to conduct your own experiment at home to see if your pet is right- or left-pawed?

It’s quite easy, but a little more complicated than just giving a toy to see which paw your pet reaches it with. Dogs and cats show a fairly weak preference when compared to humans.

To get an accurate final answer, you’ll need to conduct a few tests, multiple times. If you accept the challenge, read the following tests:

1.  Ask your dog to shake your hand and see which paw he offers more often

2.  When your pet is on his back, reach to them with your hand and see which paw your pet reaches out with

3. Put a treat under a piece of furniture and watch which paw your pet uses most in order to get it

4. Observe your cat or dog’s behavior when they want to be let out or in, and note which paw they use for scratching more often

Also, note that you’ll have to repeat these tests multiple times. That is necessary in order to get an accurate final answer.

At the end of the day does this even matter?

This fact may not matter to you, but when it comes to breeders and people who use service dogs, including police canines, therapy dogs, and military dogs, it matters a lot. It is really important for them to know which paw a dog prefers more when dealing with different situations.

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