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Police Found a Horrifying Discovery in The Apartment of One Veterinarian

Usually, when someone mentions a veterinarian, you think about a person who has a passion and a deep love for animals. And in most cases, that is the reason why they decided to become vets at the first place. But unfortunately, not all veterinarians are that honest and dedicated.

When we ask for the services of a medical professional for our furry friends, we expect the vets to behave in an ethical manner and to treat our furry friends with kindness and respect. Unfortunately, we can’t always be that trustful.

Image Credit: RSPCA

The reason why we should always be careful when we are seeking for a medical help when it comes to our furry babies is one recent event that happened in Leeds, England. One vet was exposed for a horrifying scam he was leading with his partner and business assistant. Even though officers responded to a call at their office, they were certainly not expecting the thing they found.

What happened in the veterinary clinic in Leeds, England?

It turned out that the veterinarian from Leeds, England, known as Gary Samuel, had a double life. He was helping animals by day and neglecting them at night. The police found cages of animals inside a trap door in his clinic.

Image Credit: RSPCA

They found 22 dogs and 8 cats covered in urine and feces in the dank basement area. They were all starving for an unknown length of time.

According to Dr. Samuel, they were the “pets” that the veterinarian’s assistant and partner, Rochelle McEwan, had allegedly been collecting.

He was even trying to convince the police officers that the animals belonged to Dr. McEwan and not him. “She never feeds them, just collects them,” he said. The police officers carefully considered his statement, but they weren’t quite persuaded of his innocence.

Image Credit: RSPCA

Both doctors ended up with a charge of neglect. And they were only sentenced to a mere six months in jail for their crimes.

But what happened with the animals?

Luckily, with an intervention of the RSPCA, 21 of the poor animals in their “care” have already been adopted and re-homed with loving families.

It’s terrifying to even imagine that medical professionals would not only be so cruel as to abuse animals but that they betrayed the trust that was given to them by their community.

Image Credit: RSPCA

Stories like these make you question can you actually trust the veterinarians in your community… It does not necessarily mean that all of them are not trustworthy. But it means that you as a pet owner need to do some research to see which veterinarian is right for your pet if they’re suffering from a specific issue. Most of them are even more than qualified!

Luckily, someone managed to stop these two doctors from abusing other animals before it was too late!

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