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Need Or Luxury? After This Shocking Video Many Gave Up On Leather Products

Some people tend to ignore the suffering of animals when they are about to buy leather goods, for example, the “perfect bag”. So, in order to confront people with the truth, Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Bangkok company, opened a shop presenting normal looking leather products.

This shop was located in one of the trendiest suburbs of Bangkok, in Central World mall. The idea of this shop was to confront people with the truth about the suffering behind every leather bag. Also, belt, a jacket, or a pair of gloves and even shoes that are made from exotic skins.

In the window of the store, people can see luxurious leather goods. But they have no idea that these goods hide a terrible secret. Random consumers who have decided to enter this store were faced with an unpleasant surprise. That surprise left them struggling for breath.

For example, when someone dares to open the bag in order to examine it a bit more, they are faced with a snake’s or a crocodile’s still-beating heart, or their intestines. Also, the shoppers that tried on shoes or even gloves, soon realized that they are all covered with blood.

But, you don’t have to worry about the blood or the animal’s body parts, due to the fact that all of this is fake. They are made only for people to realize that their “luxurious” and “fashionable” goods have a deep and dark secret.

What message does this campaign shows?

This campaign is called “Behind the Leather” and it is created for PETA Asia. The message is obvious, to confront industries about torturing animals for profit. And also to confront people for using these products as a fashion accessory.

What other animals are used for the production of leather products

Also, the world’s largest crocodile farming industry is in Thailand. It is the prime destination for international fashion brands looking for skins. Namely, about 700,000 crocodiles are being raised in crowded tanks or pools on small farms across the country. When it comes to snakes, they are nailed to trees and their bodies are cut open from one end to another. This happens at the time when they are skinned alive. Lizards are often decapitated, and then their skin is ripped from their bodies.

PETA Asia sends a message worldwide that in order to stop killing animals and in order to make the world a better place, you should always choose vegan clothing, shoes, and accessories.

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