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Stranger Runs to the Rescue of a Bleeding Cat and Gets An Unforgettable Surprise

There is absolutely nothing more devastating and heartbreaking for each animal lover than that unforgettable sight of an animal in need or in danger. In times like these, nothing is more important than saving the poor animal. It doesn’t matter if we’re already late for work, have an important call to make or really anything, we will literally drop it all to stop and lend a hand.

And that is exactly what happened to this Imgur user Honeyflowers. Honeyflowers was out walking when they spotted something beyond heartbreaking and definitely unforgettable.

Image credit: Honeyflowers/Imgur

And as you can see, this whole scene looks horrible. It looks like this poor cat must have been hit by a car or a motorbike at the parking lot. And it looks more than obvious that the cat is in need of desperate medical attention.

What happened next?

After seeing that scene, Honeyflowers panicked and knew that something needs to be done. That is exactly why Honeyflowers rushed over to the animal’s side. But it turned out that the whole scene was far from horrible. The poor ‘injured’ cat was really just lying on top of drops of dried red paint splatters.

Image credit: Honeyflowers/Imgur

Just then, in typical cat fashion, he looked upset for being woken up. He looked more upset that someone had just woken him up from the nap he was taking. And, he was showing no interest in the panic in the human before him.

As you can see for yourself, the cat is very much alive and unharmed. And it is very much upset for being woken up from his nap.

Image credit: Honeyflowers/Imgur

But, what Honeyflowers did is more than reasonable. Honeyflowers did what any one of us animal lovers would have done in that situation! Luckily, everything turned out well, besides the fact that the cat will now need to search for a new sleeping place for those long naps. We hope that this time, this guy will look for something less horrifying than this place.

Image credit: Honeyflowers/Imgur

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