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This Stray Cat Has A Rare Medical Condition And No One Wanted To Help Him

This 6-year-old stray cat was living in the city of Los Angeles desperately looking for somebody to help him with a cure for his restorative condition. The large bump that Skimble has on his nose is a result of an extremely serious parasitic disease, cryptococcosis.

Skimble was desperately wandering the streets looking for someone to help him, but people kept on ignoring them.

That was the case until one day when a kind man saw him, he changed his entire life.

“He was discovered meandering the avenues going up to individuals requesting help. Everybody disregarded him yet one kind man couldn’t abandon him in the city. And in the condition he was in,” says Michelle of Milo’s Sanctuary.

Image credit: Milo’s Sanctuary

They take him to the vet immediately and his treatment starts right away. When Skimble’s rescuer found him, he connected via web-based networking media and ran over Milo’s Sanctuary.

“We don’t know to what extent Skimble meandered the roads like this and we couldn’t dismiss him when we were made a request to take him.” Milo’s asylum said.

The excessive state of Skimble’s nose meant that he would need to be sustained through a tube.

“At the point when it’s tube sustaining time he climbs cheerfully into his caretaker’s’ lap and murmurs and makes bread rolls the whole time,” said Michelle.

What happened to Skimble next?

Image credit: Milo’s Sanctuary

Even though he was recovering from the treatment, he won’t be able to recover fully. The sad part is that his condition will be long lasting. And he will require nurture the rest of his life.

“Regardless of the possibility that he tests negative, it can return as it’s never really out of his framework,” says Michelle. “We trust that he recuperates and spends a long and sound existence with us in our Lifetime Care Program.”

His sweet and also tender nature made everyone to fall in love with him quickly. The staff is looking for a forever home for him, and hopefully, they will succeed in their search. He’s justified regardless of each penny,” says Michelle.

Image credit: Milo’s Sanctuary


Credit: https://www.animalsportal.net/no-one-wanted-help-stray-cat-rare-medical-condition-angel-saw/


  1. Poor little guy, glad he is getting help. I hope he finds a forever home soon.

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