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Sweet Puppy Scheduled For Euthanasia Saved At The Last Minute

The following story is about an amazing rescue of one stray dog scheduled for euthanasia. The sad part is that no animal should ever find itself in a situation like this one, and the best part is that he was saved at the last minute by a kind hearted woman! Everyone deserves a second chance, and so do Mr. T!

When Mr. T was only fourteen months old, he was surrendered by his family to a high kill animal shelter. Just when he was scheduled for euthanasia, someone took a picture of him and decided to post it on Facebook. And the strangest thing is that even though he was about to be euthanized, he had a huge smile on his face! It’s like he still had hope that someone will save him…

Image credit: Forgotten Friends of Long Island

Beth Marzo, the dog coordinator at Forgotten Friends rescue in Long Island, usually doesn’t look at photographs of dogs on euthanasia lists. Because it’s just too painful. But this time, something was different with Mr. T. He was different than all the other dogs that were going through the same thing. He didn’t look afraid or dejected. Mr. T looked trusting and hopeful.

He had no idea this was to be his last day on earth,” Beth says.

Image credit: Forgotten Friends of Long Island

Once she saw his picture, she couldn’t just let go. And even though her rescue was filled to capacity, she still decided to do the right thing. There was room for one more! And the day when Mr. T arrived at the shelter, is the day that Beth will never forget. She saw the most adorable dog who bolted straight to her feet and peered up at her as if to say, “I know you will help me. Thank you.”

What happened to Mr. T next?

Even though Mr. T, had a rough start in life, he was still so strong and hopeful. And before he was surrendered, his family left him outside all day. That’s why he didn’t even know the basics, but learning was one of his favorite things. He wanted to make Beth proud, and he wanted that more than anything!

Image credit: Forgotten Friends of Long Island

His story is a sad one, but Mr. T is not a sad dog. He keeps on wagging all the time, and he also kept his faith in humankind.

Mr. T has taught me that we can all be as happy as we make up our minds we will be,” she says, “He trusted mankind to do the right thing when in reality he was on his way to his death.”

Mr. T’s story may have a rough and sad start, but luckily, it ended happily. Just a while after he was rescued and brought to Beth’s shelter, he was adopted by one amazing family. One thing is for sure, that family is lucky to have Mr. T watching out for them!

Image credit: Forgotten Friends of Long Island



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