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Vet Nurse Tries Not to Get Attached to Stray Kitten But the Kitty Has A Different Plan

When this little stray kitten was brought into an animal clinic in Australia, she couldn’t take her eyes out of a vet nurse who held her in her arms. The little one refused to let her go.

She was brought in the animal clinic as a homeless kitten that needed help. The first thing they did, was checking if she had a microchip. “She’s quite friendly but she also has fleas. The area we work on can be a little questionable when it comes to animal care. But we have to consider that someone is looking for her,” Reddit user Wrenegade93 said.

They were trying to find the owners for the next two weeks. They sent out posts through local pet groups and the local council looking for the kitty’s owner. But her new owner was nowhere to be found.

The veterinary nurse was trying so hard not to get attached to the kitten. But it appeared that the little one had another thing on her mind. She continued to show the vet nurse just how much she enjoyed her companionship with the constant cuddles and kisses. The kitten begged for more attention and cuddles each day.

Image credit: Wrenegade93/Reddit


“(I’m) trying not to get attached,” she wrote on Reddit. “I was probably cuddling her more than I should have been.”

The reason why she was trying so hard not to get attached is that two years ago she adopted a cat as a stray who passed away. But the night before the little kitten came into the clinic, she was telling her family that, “maybe I’m finally ready to adopt another pet.”

Image credit: Wrenegade93/Reddit

What happened next?

So, due to the fact that no one came to look for the kitten after weeks of waiting, she decided to do something incredible. Since the kitten had already chosen her own owner, it seemed like the only reasonable thing that can be done is to adopt the little one.

Image credit: Wrenegade93/Reddit

“She came to her new home with me,” Wrenegade93 said. “Her favorite place is the box under my bed, and she’s very chatty.”

Her name is now Willow, and she is one happy kitty!

“She’s very pleased with herself.”

Image credit: Wrenegade93/Reddit

More info: https://www.reddit.com/r/aww/comments/5xffqd/trying_not_to_get_attached_to_the_stray_kitten/?st=J1B4UZBV&sh=c06b061b

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