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Wild Horses Gathered By An Old Cowboy – ‘Running Wild’

Dayton O. Hyde is a cowboy who has dedicated his entire life to horses. For that reason, there is even filmed a documentary movie about this incredible cowboy. The following video is actually the trailer for the documentary movie.

Hyde was born and raised in Marquette, Michigan and when he was only 13-years-old he decided to leave his home. He moved to Oregon in his uncle’s dairy cattle farm. Once he got on the farm, he was amazed at the farm cattle rustlers and their stories. He also established a strong connection with the horses, and the following video is the proof of it.

Have a look at the video and you will see it for yourself what happens when the old cowboy calls for his horses. Their reaction is most definitely priceless!

Dayton O. Hyde is also known as the cowboy Renaissance man. He earned a degree in English at Berkeley and become an essayist. At the age of 65, he planned a new experience for him and made a beeline for South Dakota. The old cowboy went through the Western United States just to gather wild horses from government feedlots and then he has set them free.

Also, Dayton O. Hyde is an award-winning author. His books such as “One Summer in Montana,” are a real representation of his passion for the American West and its wildlife. He even published his first book of cowboy poetry, “Alone in the Forest.”

Dayton O. Hyde is also the founder of the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, which is an 11,00-acre South Dakota ranch that shelters more than 500 undomesticated equines. Over his 80-plus years, Dayton O. Hyde has cultivated careers as a cowboy, rodeo rider, author, and conservationist.

He dedicated his entire life to horses. His intention was to protect feral horses and somehow he managed to succeed!





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