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Woman Adopts Shelter Cat In Maryland, But Then She Goes Back To The Shelter

These two senior cats, 11-year-old Mojo and 16-year-old Max, somehow found themselves in Anne Arundel County Animal Control shelter, Maryland, USA. The staff at one point thought that they will spend their lives in the shelter, just until something incredible happened.

When a kind-hearted woman came to the shelter in Maryland, she changed their lives completely. The woman first adopted  Mojo, and just a few days later, she came back for Mojo’s buddy, Max.

“About a month ago, this lady adopted Mojo, an 11-year-old cat who came to the shelter with another cat, Max, who is 16,” the shelter wrote on Facebook.

“Mojo has been a wonderful pet, she said, but she couldn’t get Max out of her mind. ‘The idea of him living out his life in a cage just broke my heart,’ she said.”

Image credit: Purrtacular

What happened next? 

Even though the woman was looking to adopt one cat, when she brought Mojo in his new forever loving home, the two of them knew that something is missing. That is when the woman decided to go back to the shelter and adopt Mojo’s best friend Max.

He was so happy that he is finally out of the shelter. They both were.

Image credit: Instagram/mojo.the.cat
Image credit: Purrtacular

Even though Mojo and Max were separated in the shelter, they were in different cages, now they can’t stay away from each other. They are a real representation of what a true friendship looks like!

We are so glad that this woman decided to adopt the two adorable best friends. Usually, when people go to adopt a pet, they avoid the senior ones. But, luckily there are still those who are willing to give a senior cat a second chance to experience love. The amount of love these cats have to give will melt your heart!

We need more kind-hearted people like this woman. We hope that the three of them will have a wonderful time together.

Image credit: Instagram/mojo.the.cat

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