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Woman Followed A Puppy She Found In The Woods, And He Led Her To A Terrible Discovery

When an animal sanctuary volunteer found a dog wandering through the woods, she had no idea that the pup will lead her to such a discovery. But when the animal sanctuary volunteer started searching around, she found something beyond terrible.

It all happened when a Colombian woman went out to feed her chickens. While she was feeding them, she saw an abandoned puppy wandering around. She got concerned about the little pup, so she took him to Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary. It turned out that Juliana, the founder of the Animal Sanctuary is the woman’s sister.

When Juliana saw the little puppy, she told her sister to look around the area where she found the little one, because there might be more puppies from that litter. And Juliana was right. The woman searched and found a whole sack full of puppies!

And the worse part was the fact that someone had left the puppies in a tied up bag. They were obviously dumped there, left to die. There were three puppies in the bag, plus the one that had escaped and saved them all.

Image credit: animalsportal.net

What happened next?

According to Juliana, they were only 5-weeks-old. The poor little puppies were dehydrated, hungry, and infested with fleas. The vets started a medical treatment for the four of them immediately. They put the little ones on heartworm and flea medicines, and the puppies all enjoyed a good meal.

The puppies will stay at Juliana’s sanctuary until they find forever homes. They will have all the love and food they need even if they have to stay longer at the sanctuary.

Image credit: animalsportal.net

Luckily, just a few weeks later, they were all adopted and they now have forever loving homes. But there are still a lot of abandoned animals that do need your help.

So, if you are looking for a pet, just go to the nearest animal shelter and we promise you that you will find what you were looking for, or at least they will find you.

Image credit: animalsportal.net
Image credit: animalsportal.net

Credit: www.animalsportal.net/woman-followed-puppy-found-woods-led-terrible-discovery/

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