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Woman Accidentally Finds And Saves A Kitten From A Dog Meat Farm In Korea

When she was driving to her mother’s house in Dangjin, Korea, Ek Park accidentally took a wrong turn, and soon she found herself on a dog meat farm. Even though she took a wrong turn, she appeared to be at the right place!

Ek Park is actually a founder of a non-profit organization called Free Korean Dogs. The organization rescues dogs from the many Korean dog meat farms. Once the dogs are rescued, they are transferred to North America, where the rescuers try to find them forever loving homes.

When she got there, she wanted to look around, so she went out of the car and heard someone crying. Soon she realized that it is one tiny ginger kitten. The poor little guy was so scared that it was only shaking and crying. Due to the fact that it was so hungry, the kitten was eating dirt to survive.

“When I went to the owner’s house located right beside the dog meat farm, I found this little kitten — so tiny, about my hand size,” Park told The Dodo. “I could tell he was so hungry and starved, but he was very scared, so he was just crying.”

Once she picked up the kitten, the owner came out of the house and demanded her to leave it back. “He came to me and asked what I was doing,” Park said. “I said that I was passing by and saw the kitten. He said that the kitten was his.”

What happened to the kitten next?

She wanted to take the kitten and to take it to the vet, but then the man said that that’s just a waste of money and he won’t allow it. But the kitten was not the only one that needed to be saved. Park saw hundreds of dogs outside. They were all in desperate condition, but the man was keeping them alive for their meat.

The owner then asked Park if she is an animal activist, and told her that he hates them. Park was so scared and wanted to leave, but she insisted on taking the kitten with her. And so she did. She named it Nimo and brought it back with her.

Sadly, Park needed to get back to her hometown in Canada, and she was not able to take Nimo with her right away, so she left it for three months in a foster home.

After three months, Park came back to Korea. She kept her promise and took the kitten with her back to Toronto, Canada. Now, Nimo has a forever loving home where he lives with one of Park’s friends.


Images Credit: Free Korean Dogs

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