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Genetic Mutation Or A New Panda Breed – Take A Look At The World’s First Healthy Brown Panda

It might sound sweet and nice that it is different, but the story about the one and only brown panda has a sad beginning. Qizai was abandoned by his mother two months after his birth, and for several years later he was attacked by other pandas because of the fact that he is different. Some of them were even stealing his bamboos and left him to starve without any food.

The rescue of Qizai, the only brown panda in the world

The name Qizai means ‘the seventh son’. He was found as a weak and neglected cub in a nature reserve in Qingling Mountains in Central China after his mother disappeared somewhere in the jungle.

The reason why he is not colored black and white like all the other pandas is probably due to a genetic mutation. Others believe that it is due to the climate or an environmental chemical in the Quinling area that is probably affecting one or more of the pigmentation genes. This mystery is still not resolved, but scientists claim that they are one step away.

Where is Qizai now? 

Although Qizai had a tough childhood, now at the age of 7 he is a real superstar. He is enjoying a good life at the Foping Panda Valley. Also, he is not starving anymore. Qizai has a personal caretaker, who plans his life. His caretaker takes care of Qizai for 18 hours a day. His job is to feed Qizai at least 5 times a day and also to make sure that at the end of the day, usually at midnight, Qizai has a full belly and is safe and sound.

This famous panda bear now weights 220 pounds and eats around 44 pounds of bamboo every day. Chinese experts are even planning to find him a mate.

Qizai may be slower than other pandas but he is also cuter. Also, he is one gentle, funny and adorable animal. No matter what they say one thing is for sure, this extremely fluffy animal is stunning with an outstanding appearance.

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